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Our Story
Futboland Academy Founders

P-assion M-indset D-iscipline = S-uccess

Futboland Academy, founded in 2011 by Christopher Ruiz and Nina Ruiz, has become a prominent soccer program in the Land O Lakes area. Christopher and Nina were pioneers in bringing summer program opportunities to the region, starting their soccer summer programs at the Collier Parkway Recreational Complex. At the time, the complex was known as the Club of Greater Tampa Bay.


In the early years, the program had only a few players. However, as time passed, the program's reputation grew, not through extensive advertising, but rather through word-of-mouth recommendations. The program's success can be attributed to the remarkable progress and achievements of every child in the area who participated. Futboland Academy fostered an environment of hard work, high standards, and a deep understanding of the sport.


What sets Futboland Academy apart is its sense of family. Participants not only formed strong bonds on the field but also off the field. Christopher and Nina emphasized building relationships with their learners and players, creating a supportive and nurturing community. They provided guidance and assistance to every individual, helping them succeed both in soccer and in life.


Over the years, Futboland Academy has garnered numerous rewards and accolades. The program's exclusive outcomes are a testament to the dedication and effort put into developing each participant. The sense of achievement and personal growth experienced by every child who has been a part of the academy is a testament to the exceptional standards and commitment of Christopher and Nina Ruiz.


Futboland Academy continues to be a beacon of excellence in the Land O Lakes area, offering young soccer enthusiasts an opportunity to grow their skills, foster lasting friendships, and embrace the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. With Christopher and Nina's visionary leadership, the academy serves as a place where dreams are nurtured and the love for the beautiful game is cultivated.


Is to help individuals enhance their soccer skills and become great players who are brave enough to take on any opponent with confidence. All levels of soccer experience are welcome. 

At our Technical development program (TDP), we believe in individual and collective accountability.

We encourage everyone to become vocal leaders and pay attention to every detail to reach a higher level of technical ability and knowledge.

We focus on growing mentally, physically, and technically the right way.

Our program puts you and your fellow warriors to the test to work as one fluent, hard-working unit. We believe that if one person falls, we all fall together and lift one another backup. We train the mind, muscles, and coordination to create neuromuscular efficiency. 

We welcome those who want to put in the extra continuous work and those who strive to be consistent in all areas of their life. Our program aims to develop not just great soccer players but also great individuals who can apply the lessons learned on the field to their everyday lives.

Our program is designed to provide a structured and supportive environment that fosters growth and development.

Our experienced coaches will guide each individual through a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of the game, from technical skills to tactical strategies.

At TDP, we believe that soccer is more than just a game; it's a way of life. We aim to instill in each player a passion for the sport and a commitment to excellence both on and off the field. Join us today and become part of a community of dedicated athletes who are committed to reaching their full potential.

The Technical Development & Conditioning Program (TD-CP) is to help each individual rehabilitate & 
rebuild their bodies from the ground up in a progressive approach to all levels of fitness or athletic experience. The TD-CP
will enforce Individual & collective accountability to encourage everyone to become a vocal leader. Attention to detail will be the cornerstone. 
to be able to reach a higher level of fitness and knowledge on how to grow mentally, physically, & technically the right way. The TD-CP will
put you and your fellow warriors to the test to work as one.
Fluent hard-working unit. If one person falls, we all fall together.
and lift one another backup. We will train the mind, muscles,
and coordination, to be able to create neuromuscular efficiency. This
program is not for a person who wants to come every other day,
in fact, it is for the person who is looking for change, to enhance their performance, those who want to put in the extra continuous work, and those who strive to be consistent in all areas of their life. For those who know that putting in the work now will help them get one step closer to becoming the best version of themselves.



D-iscipline = S-uccess

Our team
Coach Chris Ruiz

Chris Ruiz

  • Coach

  •  Director of Coaching and Methodology 

I am pleased to introduce you to Christopher Ruiz, who will be your coach for the upcoming summer program. Christopher is a highly qualified and experienced coach, with a diverse range of certifications and playing experience.

Coach Chris Ruiz current roles are:

Florida Premier FC/NPL Director of Coaching 

Tampa Bay Strikers (Professional Indoor soccer League NISL)- Associate Coach/General Manager

COO/Director of Coaching and Methodology in Futboland Academy.

Christopher holds a USSF B license, and is also a certified personal trainer (CPT), performance enhancement specialist (PES), corrective exercise specialist (CES), circuit training specialist (CTS), and soccer management and scouting certified. He is currently pursuing his USSF A license and USSF Pro license, as well as UEFA B and A license, to further his coaching education.

Christopher's playing experience is equally impressive. He started playing at the age of 3 in Northern California and moved to Florida at the age of 14, where he graduated from Gaither high school. At the age of 18, he was scouted by a Real Madrid academy coach and was advised to pursue his career outside of the United States. He then made his way to Argentina to start his journey.

Christopher has played for several professional teams, including Estudiantes de la plata (Argentina), Santa Fe B (Colombia), Deportivo Teculutan (Guatemala), USA Chivas (USA), Tampa bay marauders (USA), Greater Tampa Bay FC (USA), Iberos CF (Spain), and Rayo Sanluqueño CD. His extensive playing experience has given him a unique perspective on coaching and player development.

We are confident that Christopher will provide a top-notch coaching experience for you and your child this summer. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


                          P-assion M-indset D-iscipline = S-uccess

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